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Caliber is channeling private capital back into the capital markets with the 2016 COLT MBS residential, mortgage-backed securitizations. With the first rated and eventually first AAA securitizations, Caliber is showing the market what is possible.

You’re invited to join us in serving these deserving – often overlooked – borrowers.

In October 2014, Caliber Home Loans, Inc. released a loan product – Fresh Start - to assist borrowers recovering from bankruptcy, foreclosure, or similar major credit events. Applicants were required to offer proof of their ability to repay the loan.

After the success of Fresh Start, Caliber responded by creating four additional products that enabled more borrowers to buy or invest in home ownership. In May 2015, Caliber formally introduced their Portfolio Lending Suite of five loan solutions, all featuring streamlined qualifying guidelines.

Roughly 7 million mortgage borrowers were impacted by the financial crisis in 2008.

As of a 2016 TransUnion study, approximately 4.7 million of these borrowers have not yet recovered, especially those with FICO scores below 700.

Based on publicly filed 10-Q reports, the rate of home ownership has plunged to record lows of ~63%, vs. the ~67-68% level observed during a normalized market (i.e. 2001-2003).

  • Review of Borrower Ability to Repay and independent verification of borrower employment and income over a minimum of two years. This is consistent with government standards and helps to ensure stability of employment and income.
  • Full documentation of assets.
  • Sustainable debt-to-income ratios that require residual income and liquid reserves in excess of payment obligations.
  • Interest rates that are fixed for at least five years and provide consistent payment terms.
  • Independent property valuations with secondary valuation reviews on all loans.
  • 100% of loans are subject to credit, compliance and valuation due diligence by third party firms.
  • Borrowers Best Execution is measured throughout the loan process and re-evaluated with any changes to the loan. The borrower will always be offered the lowest cost and most appropriate loan product to meet their needs.

Meet the Portfolio Lending Team

JB Devall

JB Devall

AVP Product Strategy

Vishal Patel

Vishal Patel

AVP Product Strategy

Rob Walsh

Rob Walsh

TPO Business Development Manager

I was able to close a portfolio loan in 7 business days! Not only that, the service from start to finish was excellent. Caliber is one of my favorite companies to do business with.

L. Anderson, Loan Officer

You have some fantastic products that allow Brokers to finally Help consumers again!

W. Anderson, Loan Officer

Caliber is responsive and accountable to closing the deal on time. Not many Lenders consider themselves accountable to the timely nature of purchase money and I highly respect Caliber's high regard for being client and consumer centric when considering timely real estate contracts. Go Caliber for being on the ball and focused on the true effort at hand. Not just to fund, but to fund on time per the realm of the contract.

D. Switts, Loan Officer

I like that Caliber underwrites TBD files so borrowers can make offers on properties with confidence that financing won’t be problematic.

R. Pen, Loan Officer

This was my first transaction with Caliber and I was extremely pleased with the service provided including my sales rep Flossie, inside CSR Ben, and the underwriter Lydia. They were all very responsive which I appreciate very much. Thanks so much for a very smooth transaction. In this business today I don't see this type of service very often so I will definitely be working with Caliber in the future.

S. Paul, Loan Officer

SERVICE !!! Account rep Linda and underwriter Connie were AMAZING !!!!

J. Martinez, Loan Officer

Bent over backwards to make the loan happen. You have earned my business!

J. Kaempfer, Loan Officer

Jacob Marucco was extremely helpful with this File. It was a very complex Loan and denied by 2 prior Lenders when Jake , Michael and Casey made it possible. We were also able to close it in 21 days. My Builder and I loved to work with them very closely and it was a pleasure with everybody. Looking forward to work with them again.

P. Zachenbacher, Loan Officer

Thanks to the Caliber team for providing excellent service and going above and beyond to close our purchase transaction!

C. Stewart, Loan Officer