Designed to provide sustainable mortgage credit to borrowers that are re-entering the housing space

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Caliber Portfolio Lending, Tailored to You

Caliber Home Loans wants to help more people become homeowners – even if they may not qualify for traditional mortgage products. For this reason, Caliber created a Portfolio Lending Suite of home loan and refinancing solutions. Each Portfolio product provides solutions to common barriers to home ownership while following the Ability to Repay guidelines.

How can Caliber Portfolio Lending help?

Lower FICO

Low Down Payment with no MI

Late Payment History

Non-Warrantable Condos

Housing Events & Credit Challenges

Multi-Property Investor

Caliber Portfolio Lending, by the numbers

Since the beginning of the program in October 2014, Caliber Portfolio Lending has originated

1,386 individual
mortgage loans

for an approximate total of $600mm UPB, providing an opportunity at homeownership for over

1,200 families

that otherwise would have had to continue renting.

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